Our training courses are always action- and experience-oriented.

Learning & Development

Learning and development in our training courses is always action- and experience-oriented. Based on your task­setting, we sustainably develop your managers and employees to realize their goals in everyday business life. Learning must be fun, have an impact and increase energy.

Through interactive exercises and simulations, input phases with compact models and illustrative tools, reflection tasks on personal behavior and moderated work phases, our training courses offer participants a stimulating, energy-generating and intensive qualification with an experiential character.

With the help of transfer tools and accompanying materials, we ensure that the learning impulses are transferred into everyday working life. On the one hand, there is our learning platform with videos and pocket cards on all the topics covered in the seminar, to which all participants have access.
On the other hand, we also work with preliminary questions & preparatory tasks to get participants in the mood for our events. Of course, we also provide flashcards and other materials in the seminars. We create photo protocols  and create the transition to practical application and securing results through feedback surveys and transfer tasks.

Our offer

We offer the following training courses individually or as part of an integrated development program:

  • Leadership in change
  • Change Management Simulation Game
  • Positive Leadership
  • Leadership at a distance and in a hybrid environment
  • New Work & Agile working
  • Effective leadership in turnarounds
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Moderation & Group management
  • Leadership without a disciplinary superior function
  • Change management for employees
  • Negotiating hard and successfully
  • Recognizing and developing employee potential
  • Developing your own leadership personality
  • Developing high-performance teams
  • Conversation management  & communication in the company - employee, feedback & conflict discussions
  • Managing conflicts successfully
  • Presenting effectively - especially complex and complicated issues
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Self-management, stress & burnout prevention
  • Business management tool (business management game, simulation)


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