"He who always does what he already can, always remains what he already is." (Henry Ford)

What it means to be coached....

  • Coaching is an interactive process between coachee and coach.
  • It is not psychotherapy, a teacher-pupil or doctor-patient relationship, a substitute for friendship or external problem solving
  • The coach offers you an outside perspective, temporary support and help for self-help. He is the expert for the process and for the appropriate tools - you are the expert for your issue and therefore also for the appropriate solution.
  • Depending on the task, the focus is on working on behavior, skills, habits and attitudes.
  • The aim is to develop and implement activities, measures and techniques to help with professional tasks and conflicts.
  • As the psyche and body are interlinked processes and a person always brings their private issues into a professional situation, coaching takes place on very different levels and with very different tools.
  • The aim is to develop a suitable solution for the coachee's individual situation and personality, in which they can expand their resources, gain more options for dealing with the situation and thus develop and implement solution strategies.

Typical reasons for coaching...

  • Change processes that individuals or teams have to face
  • Increasing personal effectiveness and performance
  • New tasks, situations, functions are to be designed in a qualified manner
  • Conflicts and problems need to be resolved
  • Situations of excessive demands and stress
  • Improvement of personal working style
  • Developing skills for current and future tasks
  • Examine personal patterns that are experienced as a restriction or blockage and develop alternatives


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