Consulting is a matter of trust...


We consult and support you in change and development processes

Consulting is a matter of trust. Effectiveness can only be achieved with people. We consult and support you in change processes such as strategy development, innovation processes and reorganizations. 
You can count on our professional expertise and experience in all phases of organizational development.

For us, successful consulting work is always results- and people-oriented. It reduces complexity, creates results and the necessary commitment from those affected. We support you in working on the required attitudes of those involved and bundling energies in a targeted manner.

We work with you to develop the right design for your development process. Through our solution-oriented team developments, the process moderation of workshops and closed meetings or the development and moderation of large group events, we help to involve all relevant stakeholders in the development process in a constructive and goal-oriented manner.

We always work with the entire system in mind and establish sustainable and lasting solutions.


A few examples of projects

  • Support in the development and implementation of a new organizational structure
  • Training and coaching of change agents and change multipliers in the company
  • Development of a new business strategy and a new business model
  • Change concept for planning, implementing and supporting a reorganization
  • Development and introduction of a new HR strategy and a systematic personnel development concept
  • Introduction of a new leadership & management  structure and model
  • Improving the service orientation of an organization
  • Introduction of corporate and leadership principles
  • Design, organization and moderation of major events to support organizational development


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